Slow Motion

JetCam 19 QSFP+ is ideal for capturing slow-motion footage with its 2.1 Megapixel up to 2360 fps capability at full HD Resolution, 3,000 fps at SXGA Resolution, 5,300 fps at VGA resolution and faster.

High Speed Machine Vision

Utilize JetCam 19 QSFP+ for high-speed machine vision tasks, benefitting from its 40Gbps fiber optic interface and large pixels provide enough light for a wide variety of inspections.

Motion Analysis

JetCam 19 QSFP+ is the perfect camera for accurate motion analysis capabilities, thanks to its resolution and high-speed image acquisition and transfer speeds.


Enhance your broadcast productions with JetCam 19 QSFP+, delivering high-quality, large dynamic range and accurate imaging with fast and reliable imaging performance for sporting events, live events and studio productions.

Traffic Control

JetCam 19 QSFP+ is suitable for traffic control applications, offering high-resolution and high-speed imaging and compatibility with Fiber output for long distance runs to the PC for analysis.

Industrial Inspection

Utilize JetCam 19 QSFP+ for industrial inspection tasks, taking advantage of its vibration-resistant design and wide temperature range.

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